Tue, 15 Aug 2000

Three foreigners apply to Persijap

SEMARANG (JP): Three foreign soccer players from Cameroon, Brazil and Liberia have requested to join the Persijap Jepara club, an official said here on Monday.

The three players are Simon Atangana (Cameroon), Arliston de Olivera (Brazil) and Jonah Ballah (Liberia).

Beni Hartono, the club's coach, said on Monday that they are considering whether to accept the three players on the team.

"I have received the names of the players and the amount of their contracts. Whether they are accepted will depend on the decision of the Persijap Jepara club," Beni said.

Persijap Jepara is one of the clubs competing in the Bank Mandiri Indonesian Soccer League 2000/2001 which resumes in January next year.

Atangana once played for PSBL Bandar Lampung while Olivera and Ballah played for PSIS Semarang.

Beni said that the club is seriously concentrating on the Indonesian League competitions. "We are selecting our players, including adding new players, both local and foreign." (har)