Tue, 24 May 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Makassar:Murtala Ali, South Sulawesi Animal Husbandry Office chief, said that South Sulawesi will be ready to export beef by 2014. He said the province focused on producing beef for the national market and to achieve food self-sufficiency. “I am optimistic that we will be exporting beef by 2014,” he said, adding that the 1,000,000-cattle target planned by the Animal Husbandry Office can be achieved as early as 2013.

According to Murtala, the Animal Husbandry Office will begin increasing production by providing breeders with training and by expanding their areas.

Murtala said that banks were ready to help. So far, Rp 53.3 billion in credits have been disbursed, including funds from the State Budget. As much as Rp 10.8 billion has been channeled to three regencies this year, namely, Sidrap, Luwu, and Enrekang.