Mon, 14 Mar 2011

From: The Jakarta Post

By From: The Jakarta Post
By Esther Samboh,Jakarta

Indonesia’s exports and imports with Japan may be impeded by the recent massive earthquake and tsunami that resulted in damaged infrastructure in mainly coastal parts of the archipelago.

Japan is the country’s number one export destination for non-oil and gas products, accounting for nearly 13 percent of overall exports, or US$16.5 billion last year.

Japan is also Indonesia’s second largest importer of non-oil and gas goods after China, with nearly $17 billion in total imported products from January to December of last year, or 15 percent of the country’s overall imports.

Chris Kanter, the president director of shipping company KN Sigma Trans, told The Jakarta Post on Sunday that there will be delays in shipping schedules for Japan’s exports and imports.

“There was infrastructure damage in Japan, especially in ports which are used for the shipping of exported and imported goods. So delivery, both for exports and imports, must be impeded,” he said, adding that the main port, Yokohama, has been fine.

Chris said that the most important thing is the people’s purchasing power for imported products as the country focuses on recovery instead of tertiary needs. “The Japanese would prioritize consumption on products that will help post-disaster recovery,” he said.