Mon, 02 May 2011

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and China have agreed to increase the volume of their economic cooperation to up to US$80 billion through a series of programs in various sectors until 2015.

"Thanks to the two countries` efforts it could be US$80 billion until 2015," visiting Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said in a joint press conference with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Presidential Palace here on Friday evening.

Jiabao said his Indonesian visit which was the first since he assumed the post of prime minister in 2003 was very productive and had the potential to increase mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

"We are satisfied at the result (of my visit). I would like to affirm that China considers Indonesia an important partner. The global economy is experiencing complicated changes. There are heavy and serious challenges. Both sides have agreed to meet periodically to hold strategic dialogs and benefit from the mechanism to increase coordination, maintain common interests and plan economic cooperation," he said.

President Yudhoyono meanwhile said Prime Minister Jiabao during the meeting came up with 6-point agenda to enhance cooperation with Indonesia.

Yudhoyono said he himself offered 3-point agenda to forge mutually beneficial cooperation with China.

"He proposed 6-point important agenda with several supplements. And I proposed 3-point agenda to strengthen our cooperation," the President said.

The 3-point agenda included cooperation among China, Indonesia and ASEAN member states in food security and energy including the effort to raise productivity of farm products and maintain price stability.

At the meeting, the two leaders expected the volume of economic cooperation to reach US$50 billion in the not so distant future.

The Chinese premier pledged to promote and facilitate China`s imports from Indonesia and increase Chinese investment in the Indonesian industries. (*)