Tue, 28 Jun 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The social-networking mobile application, mig33 in Indonesia, is stepping up its position by recruiting a number of senior managers. The additional resources are expected to boost its community growth and explore new demographics.

“We are ambitious,” said mig33 CEO and founder Steven Goh, at a press release last week. “We are enthusiastic about covering all the mobile potential in Indonesia and strengthening our position in the process.”

The mobile application, mig33, is a mobile device-based social community like QQ Tencent in China and GREE in Japan. The application also provides game, chat, and multimedia entertainment services.

There are currently 50 million mig33 users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle-East, and Africa. Indonesia contributes the largest market of almost 30 million users.

As such, mig33 is the second largest social networking community in Indonesia after Facebook. There were 19 billion messages exchanged within the community last month.