Wed, 06 Jul 2011

Kalianda, Lampung (ANTARA News) - The Agricultural Development Agency of Negeri Perak, Malaysia, is interested in investing in coconut plantations in South Lampung regency.

South Lampung regency administration secretary Sutono said here Friday that they wished to know the potential of coconut estates in the area in their visit to the region recently.

He said the Malaysian agency wished to invest in processed products considering the very wide coconut plantations, and therefore they have no worry about shortages in raw material.

"Besides visiting coconut plantations in South Lampung, they also visited a number of oil palm estates in the province also with investment high potentials," he said.

The Malaysian agricultural development agency will report the outcome of their comparative study to their government on the investment prospects in the plantation sector for a follow up.

Earlier, the group had inspected a number of coconut estates and the products of processed coconut like fibre, coconut shell charcoal, and handicraft goods made of coconut stem.

The head of the Malaysian agricultural development agency Razi Manan said besides making an inspection, they also wished to make a comparative study on the uses of the coconut trees in the area.

He also said that the local government authorities also need to promote the creativity of its population in processing the commodities because many are merely taking way the fruits and throw away the rest, which also have a nigh economic value.

According to data, coconut estates in South Lampung covered 35,351 hectares with a production of 33,370 tons per year, while productivity reached 1,045.5 kilograms per hectare of the 57,127 farmers.

Hybrid coconut covers 2,611 hectares with a production of 1,774 tons per year, and productivity of 852 kilograms per hectares of the 2,440 farmers