Mon, 16 May 2011

Cairo (ANTARA News) - The mayor of the Lebanese city of Baalbeck, Hachem Osman, has offered to provide space for Indonesian trade promotion activities in his territory.

The offer was made at a meeting with the Indonesian ambassador to Lebanon Dimas Samodra Rum on Thursday, according to a press statement issued by the Indonesian embassy in Beirut.

"We want to see more Indonesian products to come to Lebanon because they are of good quality and reasonably priced. Therefore, we are ready to provide a place for exhibitions to promote Indonesian products in Baalbeck," Mayor Hachem Osman had said.

Hachem made the statement to Ambassador Dimas Samodra Rum when the latter was visiting him at his office in Baalbeck on Thursday to follow up a Letter of Intent (LOI) on bilateral cooperation between Baalbeck and the Yogyakarta special autonomous region.

According to Hachem , Indonesian products such as textiles, household equipment, ceramics, plastic products, and shoes were in high demand in Lebanon.

A number of Lebanese businessmen were also present at the meeting with the Indonesian ambassador.

Chairman of the Bekaa businessmen`s association Mohammad Hassan Kanaan said he was very much familiar with Indonesia after he had visited Indonesia in 2008 with a Baalbeck trade delegation.

"I and several Bekaa businessmen, and the Baalbeck mayor at that time, Bassam Raad, visited Jakarta and Yogyakarta in 2008 to attend Trade Expo Indonesia in Jakarta and the anniversary of Yogyakarta city," Mohammad Kanaan said.

Mayor Hachem Osman and Mohammad Kanaan on the occasion told the Indonesian ambassador about a plan to hold an annual trade and tourism fair in Baalbeck in the summer.

"We hope Indonesia could participate in the Trade Bekaa Festival this year by exhibiting Indonesian trade products and send an art delegation to perform in the opening ceremony on July 1," Mayor Hachem Osman said.

Ambassador Dimas responded positively by saying that the embassy would take part in the festival to be organized from July 1 to 7, 2011