Thu, 25 Jun 2015

AEON Mall, a subsidiary of Japan's largest retailer AEON Group, recently launched its first shopping mall in Indonesia.

The massive facility is developed and operated by AMSL, in partnership with AEON and the local real estate giant, Sinar Mas Land.

"Indonesian market is expected to grow, supported by the significant economic growth and the increasing middle-class. We want to contribute to the economic growth of Indonesia through our retail business. We created 3,500 new jobs at this shopping centre. We wish to contribute to the economic growth by contributing to the life improvement for the people in Indonesia," said Motoya Okada, Group CEO, President, AEON Co., Ltd.

AEON operates 141 malls in Japan and is expanding through Southeast Asia, such as in Malaysia, where it is the biggest retailer, as well as Philippines.

It forayed into Vietnam and Cambodia by opening shopping malls last year.

AEON Mall BSD City, the 177,000 square meter shopping mall houses 280 diversified stores, 47 of which are part of popular Japanese franchises.

It also includes 140 restaurants and the largest food court in BSD district.

AEON is targeting suburban areas where young families and youth with high spending live.

It plans to open 20 new shopping malls in Indonesia, mainly in West Java and the Greater Jakarta area after 2016.

"We have very high expectations in the suburb or the Greater Jakarta area in Indonesia," added Okada.

In recent years, the world has embarked on assistance to Myanmar, as the country's democratization has rapidly advanced.

The Japanese government has also decided to provide Overseas Development Assistance to the country. It includes renovation of aging signal equipments for the Myanmar railways.

Japan's signal manufacturer, Kyosan Electric Manufacturing had produced and delivered the signal equipments for 27 Burma National Railway Stations at the age of the former Burma era in 1957.

These signal equipment delivered by Kyosan Electric Manufacturing, were manufactured about 60 years ago.

Even today, they are still running on active duty, it is continuously contributing to the safety of the Myanmar Railway's passenger and cargo trains.

The signal equipment made by Kyosan Electric Manufacturing at Mandalay station was the largest at that time. It is actively running even now.

"Mandalay Station was established in 1949. This Kyosan Signaling System was installed in 1960. Still, Myanmar Railway is running with this Japanese signaling system without failure for 60 years. I realize the easy maintenance, reliability and safety of the "Made in Japan" with respect," said Htein Win, Assistant General Manager, Ministry of Rail Transportation, Myanmar Railways.

The products made by Kyosan Electric Manufacturing still continue to operate and gathers enormous trust by the maintenance personnel of Myanmar national railway. (ANI)