Tue, 07 Feb 2012

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Insurance company Jamsostek is planning on investing Rp125.7 trillion this year - 12 percent higher than 2011 investments at Rp111.82 trillion.

Jamsostek Finance Director Elvyn G. Massasya said the company is still conservative in choosing investment strategies due to Indonesia’s macro-economic conditions. However, the option still brings the opportunity for a promising growth. In the bonds sector, for example, Jamsostek will not only expect profit from interest rates but also from transactions. “We will increase bonds trading,” said Elvyn in the company’s performance release last week.

In this year’s plan, the company has allocated 42.5 percent in the bonds sector, 29.1 percent in deposits, 18.9 percent is stocks, 7.6 percent in mutual funds, 1,2 percent in equity, and 1 percent in the property sector.