Thu, 11 Aug 2011

From: Reuters

JAKARTA, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Indonesia has 10 oil and gas
projects with total investment of $4.725 billion in the pipeline
and are expected to come onstream between 2011 and 2014, with
most of the new production skewed towards gas, said oil and gas
watchdog BPMigas.

"This reflects that the future of Indonesia's oil and gas
industry will be dominated by gas," Gde Pradnyana, spokesman for
BPMigas, said in statement.

These projects are expected to produce 1,750 million
standard cubic feet of gas per day (MMSCFD); 20,000 barrels oil
per day (bpd); and 26,000 BPD of oil condensate, BPMigas's
spokesman Gde Pradnyana said in a statement.

Pradnyana said gas output from the project would be
prioritised for the domestic market, but export will remain an

The list does not include ExxonMobil's Cepu block,
Indonesia's biggest oil project in the pipeline, which is
entering its full development phase towards the targeted peak
production of 165,000 bpd from around 20,000 bpd now.

Indonesia, a former OPEC member, has been struggling with
declining oil output from ageing fields and rising demand for
gas, which is limiting its gas export potential.

The 10 projects are:

No. Projects Contractors Capacity Early

1 Madura BD Husky Oil Gas Production : Q4 2014

Development Madura 100 MMSCFD?

Condensate :

6600 BPD
2 Terang Kangean Gas: 300 MMSCFD Q2 2012

Sirasun Energy

Batur Indonesia
3 Gajah Baru Premier Oil Gas 210 MMSCFD Q4 2011

4 Ruby Gas Pearl Oil Gas 100 MMSCFD Q3 2013

Field Sebuku

5 South Total E&P Gas Production: Q3 2012

Mahakam Indonesia 128 MMSCFD

Field ?Condensate:

Development 5900 BPD

Phase 1 & 2
6 South Belut ConocoPhill Gas 120 MMSCFD Q4 2013

ips 1000 BPD

Indonesia condensate
7 Pengembangan JOB Gas: 155 MMSCFD? Q2 2011

Lapangan Pertamina-T Condensate:

Jambi Merang alisman 12.500 BPD


8 Ujung Hess Oil: 20000 bopd? Q3 2011

Pangkah Indonesia Gas: 150 MMSCFD

Development Pangkah

9 Naga- Premier Oil Gas 130 MMSCFD Q4 2013

Pelikan Natuna
10 Sisi Nubi 2B Total E&P Gas 350 MMSCFD Q2 2013

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