Thu, 29 Apr 2010


VIVAnews - Compared to such neighboring countries as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, Indonesia is considered late in adopting the inverter technology on air conditioners.

The inverter-planted AC is able to save power in considerable percentage during usage.

The utilization of the circuit enables air conditioners to convert alternation-current into direct current, which cause compressors to work stabler.

"The neighboring countries have applied the technology as part of power-save and environment-friendly campaigns as of last year," said Sigit Herry Supriyatna, LG Electronics Indonesia Project Group Head Commercial AC, in Jakarta today, April 28.

"We have introduced the technology in 2008 but the market absorption power was still low," he said.

Last year, the inverter type AC was in comparison only 2 percent in sales against the conventional AC at 95 percent. However, it is estimated that the percentage this year may reach five percent.

Likewise, in 2010, the market share may be at 10 percent due to lower prices.

Based on data from GfK, LG is still on top of AC market in Indonesia at 34 percent of market share.