Wed, 23 Feb 2011


VIVAnews - The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce pointed out that matters on energy in household, transportation and industrial sectors must be shortly put into consideration. The agency believes that biogas may become one of the alternatives taking into account its environmentally friendly renewability.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Suryo Bambang Sulisto, said that, "Biogas is the best alternative energy in Indonesia."

According to Suryo, Kadin urges the government to provide incentives for businesspersons focusing on the biogas industry.

Today, the government only has a biogas project named Biogas Rumah (literally home biogas system). The system requires a six cubic meter reactor at Rp8 million worth of investment. On the other hand, the government has only subsidized Rp2 million per reactor.

The goverment is targeting that the biogas reactor development will hit 8,000 units across Indonesia by 2012. 1,686 reactors have been built up by January 31, 2011.