Thu, 05 May 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The non-subsidy fuel business is attractive to foreign gas stations, especially as the government is encouraging people to switch from using subsidized premium fuel to non-subsidized Pertamax.

Last Monday, Pertamina increased the price of Pertamax to Rp 9,050. For the same octane, Shell from the Netherlands applied a similar price, while France’s PT Total Oil Indonesia, offered a Rp50 cheaper price.

Although Shell has similar prices to Pertamina, the company claims it offers better customer service. Besides the standard service, such as providing a mini market and high speed gas station, Shell offers free window cleaning and air pumps.

Shell has at least 50 outlets in Indonesia, 44 units of which are in Jakarta and its surrounds, while the other six are in East Java. “We try to guarantee fuel availability for customers,” Sri Wahyu Endah, Shell Indonesia’s media relations manager, said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Total plans to have at least seven more gas stations this year. By the end of the year, Total will have 15 units in Indonesia, with 8 units in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. A minimum of US$ 2 million is required to build one unit. Total has prepared US$ 14 million for the expansion this year.