Tue, 08 Aug 2000

Five injured in Suratin semifinals

BOGOR (JP): At least five people were seriously injured during a clash between supporters of Semen Padang and Persijatim (East Jakarta Persija) during the Suratin Cup soccer semifinals at Pajajaran Stadium here on Monday.

The five victims were rushed to Salak Hospital. They were identified as Dian (28), Dudi (26), Usman (26), Wahono (40) and Afridon (40). Dian, Dudi, Usman and Afridon are residents of Bogor, and Wahono is from Jakarta.

The incident took place at about 5:30 p.m. during the second half of the match, forcing the referees to stop the game. However, the clashes continued as supporters fought both inside and outside the stadium.

The violence spread when local youths joined in the clashes. Police officers arrived at the scene and were able to quell the violence.

Agus of Gang Karet said the fighting began when supporters of the two teams began trading insults. "The riot peaked when spectators threw pieces of floor tiles at the supporters."

M. Noor, an official overseeing the game, said officials were forced to cancel the remainder of the game. "We are waiting for the result of a meeting between the managers of the two teams." (21)