Thu, 22 Sep 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Korean information technology and electricity company, Elesys Inc, plans to build an IT power production base in Indonesia. “We will start by establishing a local company in Indonesia next year,” Elesys director Soon Lee, said yesterday.

He said this has long been planned but could only be realized this year. This year, the company is conducting a survey about the situation in Indonesia by collaborating with several Indonesian universities and researchers.

“We organize a workshop every year to train and develop the system in Indonesia. Later, we will build an R&D and commercial centers and finally a plant here,” he said, without mentioning the investment value or the plant site.

The president director of PT E-S Indonesia, Kim Man Sun, said he hoped Elesys would be eligible for a tax holiday. “Elesys’ investment is technology based and not everyone can do it. I hope this will be considered,” he said.

Budi Darmadi, the Industry Ministry’s leading technology-based industries director general, said Elesys’ investment differed from other manufacturing industries. Its higher value lies in the system which will be developed and the fact that Elesys may collaborate with a local company in hardware production, he said.

Development of the local IT sector is needed to manage electricity usage, he added. “So that it can be reliable and efficient as well as anticipate the fluctuating voltage,” he explained.

The technology will be used to support electricity energy management, such as cooling systems and efficient usage.