Mon, 18 Apr 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Industry Ministry has called on Chinese businessmen to invest in energy-saving lamp (LHE) components to support the local industry. “Some businessmen plan to expand their LHE components factory to Surabaya,” Budi Darmadi, the Industry Ministry’s leading technology-based industries director general, said in Jakarta last weekend.

However, Budi could not specify the amount of investment. Of the LHE industry advancements, the sector can balance Indonesia-China’s trade, especially as this year’s LHE imports have increased to 200 million units. Although the local production capacity is 200 million units, the production utilization rate is only 20 percent.

The chairman of Electrical Lighting Industry Association (Aperlindo), John Manoppo, said last year’s LHE imports reached 180 million units. As the demand was high, imports increased due to the ASEAN-China free trade implementation. John hopes the government drafts a policy that supports the local LHE industry.