Wed, 30 Mar 2011


Australia continues to explore investment in Indonesia. Investors from Australia, intending to invest in the mining sector Indonesia. With a mastery of technology in the fields of mining, the existence of Australian mining companies are expected to support the development of mining in the country of Indonesia.

As Australia is the closest neighbors, Indonesia would prefer a relationship with a neighbor because they are easy to control. Some employers Indonesia also has mines in Australia.

According to the Director General of Mineral and Coal Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Bambang Setiawan, the international mining exhibition and conference OZMINE, Tuesday (03/29/2011) in Jakarta, Australia’s contribution in achieving the investment target of the mining sector in Indonesia is very big. “By fostering economic growth, need to invest as much as possible in all sectors, including mining, and it was not possible from the government itself or only of the national private sector. To pursue growth above 7 percent in 2014, we need to fund thousands of trillions of rupiah” , he said.

Australia looking for opportunities to invest and operate in the Indonesian mining sector. “We strongly support this, and understand that they can provide real benefits to the market and bring world best practices and technologies that will ultimately benefit the development of mining in Indonesia,” he said.

With so many participants and companies that follow OZMINE mining exhibition and conference 2011, Australia showed interest to invest in the mining sector in Indonesia is quite large. Through exhibitions and international conferences, the Australian mining entrepreneurs will see the opportunities and challenges.

Commissioner of Trade and Investment Area Senior Austrade Leith Doody, previously in a press release, stating, more than 90 Australian mining companies took part in the exhibition and conference OZMINE 2011. The exhibition is showing off the equipment, technology, services and materials from recent mining Australian mining sector.

Australia’s mining industry is the third largest in the world. About 60 percent of the world’s mining companies to use mining software developed in Australia. Many of the 400 Australian companies operating in Indonesia are also involved in the Indonesian Ilustrationmining sector.

Charg Australia, Paul Robilliard, adding, the mining sector is a vital industry for Australia and Indonesia. Both countries can benefit from a close working relationship continuous and open dialogue in this sector.