Sun, 05 Sep 1999

Zurich Insurance Indonesia -- Partner for success

Businesses and individuals alike carry risks. The recent changes in Indonesia's corporate landscape are a prominent example. Businesses of all sizes are seeking to share their risks. Similarly, individuals today look to protect their achievements and their assets more comprehensively than say two years ago. This increased awareness challenges the insurance industry. Customers are more knowledgeable, more critical and more demanding but, also more interested in partnering with someone reliable.

Business Principles

At PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, we are ready to face this challenge. With a worldwide history of 125 years -- we are part of the Zurich Financial Services Group of Switzerland -- and almost 10 years of presence in Indonesia, we have seen a number of market changes. Anticipating and accommodating these movements is our obligation.

Four of our principles illustrate how we implement this ambition: * Customer Orientation: Our organization focuses on customers. Individuals and families have different needs to local or multinational corporations. With this in mind, we provide protection solutions and professional service through dedicated teams that speak "the language of the customer". * Solutions: Insurance is not about the policy first. As a customer, you should expect complete service from the first day you talk to us. Our service, our care and our ability to combine and adjust protection for the customers' specific needs give them solutions that satisfy. * People: Insurance policies are a commodity -- people make the difference. With continuous development and training, a strong and compelling vision and with open communication, we encourage everybody to participate and to contribute to the success of our operation. * Focus on financial strength: We keep the promises we make. Our claims payment ability and profitability come from prudent financial management, first-class capacity backing and prudent acceptance practices. Our valuable customers deserve this.

The recent economic and social changes challenge Indonesia's insurance industry as a whole. In this industry, financial health and professional dealings are a must. The recent changes in insurance legislation certainly support this, that is, through the "Risk Based Capital Method". Using this method to assess financial strength of companies is not new to us. As a worldwide corporation, we have applied these principles for a number of years already. We believe that a healthy insurance industry will contribute positively to Indonesia's future and are committed to be part of this future.

The Zurich Financial Services Group

PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia is a locally incorporated subsidiary of the Zurich Financial Services Group, with more than 100 employees. This worldwide group achieved an income of US$35 billion in 1998 and showed a profit of $2.2 billion (before merger costs). With this, we are the second-largest insurer in Europe and in the top five worldwide. More that 65,000 employees deliver our solutions from general, life and reinsurance as well as asset management in over 50 countries.

PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia has achieved of Rp 70 billion worth of premiums in 1998, continuing its profitable expansion. Together with our sister company PT Zurich Life Insurance Indonesia, we are able to provide the whole spectrum of protection, savings and investment solutions.

Global and local strength

Our multilocal business approach makes PT Zurich Insurance a strong partner of the ground. Our corporate and individual customers and our distribution partners require us to have global expertise and services available locally. With professional and local staff and management and a worldwide knowledge network, we are able to take decisions here and now. We carry risks ourselves, in our own responsibility. As an example, we have built up a Risk Engineering Group (the only one in Indonesia), that provides comprehensive advice to corporate customers on how to improve risks, how to be proactive in prevention and, thereby, how to reduce overall protection costs.

Long-term partnership

Insurance is about trust. Zurich Insurance Indonesia can be trusted. Whether the customer is a family seeking to protect its home or corporation covering its factory, professional advice and service are our trademark. Like this, we stay with our customers and business partners through good times and difficult times -- we are a partner for success.