Sat, 05 Feb 2000

Your luck in this Year of the Golden Dragon

By Stevie Emilia

JAKARTA (JP): Gong xi fa cai!. Happy and prosperous New Year.

Among the Chinese community, the Year of the Golden Dragon, which comes every 60 years, is believed to bring good luck and to be a happy and prosperous time for marriage and having babies.

But the good luck won't come easy, according to some of Jakarta's professional Chinese soothsayers and astrologers, because it requires effort and the right shio (Chinese zodiacal sign).

Here is what these fortunetellers have to say.

Arif Chang, a Mall Mangga Dua-based soothsayer in Chinese astrology and astrology writer for C&R tabloid:

Whether the Dragon will bring you good luck depends very much on your behavior and your birthday.

Not all people born in the Year of the Dragon are blessed with luck.

For instance, women with Dragon and Dog zodiacs will find it difficult to find husbands. Usually, they will get married after the age of 30. Men can even be more unlucky. They won't have any success before they reach the age of 45.

There are "positive" and "negative" zodiacs. Positive zodiacs are Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Hare, Monkey and Dog, while the negative ones are Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Rooster and Pig.

Lucky are those born under negative zodiacs this year. For those with positive zodiacs, the Dragon won't bring them much luck. But good fortune will always depend on one's birthday.

If one was born with wood or earth elements, this year will not be a lucky year. Those who were born with fire and water elements, they will get pleasant surprises like a promotion, a pay hike or a spouse.

But many people don't really care about this. They only want to get married or have babies this year because they believe the Dragon will bring them fortune.

The good months start between May and June. The country's economy will improve slightly. The rupiah will still fluctuate but its value will remain close to the current level.

Indonesians will experience a more stable political scene, although some politicians jockeying for power will cause disruptions. There won't be coup d'etat and Gen. Wiranto will be thrown into the gutter. Changes in the top national leadership are unlikely, whilst local conflicts like those in Ambon and Aceh can be contained.

Lauren, a soothsayer:

This year is special because the Year of the Golden Dragon comes at the turn of the century and coincides with the Hindu Krita Yuda year. The three years have the same spiritual meaning in both modern and ancient astrology, making this year the most awaited.

Many couples are getting married this year because the Dragon comes only once every 60 years.

Of the 12 Chinese zodiacal signs, the Dragon comes in first place and this year is special because of its gold element. People born into the Dragon zodiac, just like the Rabbit and Snake, are usually wise.

People born under the Dragon zodiac are lucky, respected, intelligent and creative. It is this belief that is luring people to have babies this year.

But, again, fortune all depends on one's zodiacal sign and birthday. Marriage of couples with matching zodiacs will bring prosperity. For instance, a Rooster man cannot marry a Rat woman. If they do marry, even in the Year of the Dragon, it will be no help.

M. Sukma Dipura, a Chinese astrology soothsayer based in Mal Mangga Dua:

What the Dragon will bring depends on how we respond to its fast movements.

This year, clouds are coming out of the dragon's body. It's up to you to interpret that. But the cloud might also mean rain, which symbolizes conducive conditions for the country's economy.

Consult your zodiac before you decide to marry. The good months are May, June and October. But for those wanting to have Dragon babies, they should also know that a dragon has arrogant, stubborn and emotional characteristics.

This year is very good for people born under the Rat, Rabbit, Pig and Tiger zodiacs. The Rooster, Ox and Monkey will find this year fairly good, too. While the Dragon, Snake, Hare, Dog and Sheep will hit a few problems.

To catch up with the fast moving Dragon, you have to be active to pursue what you want.

I won't say this is a lucky year full of prosperity. Everyone has to make a breakthrough to get lucky.

Ronal Hikari, a soothsayer and feng shui practitioner says in his book Ramalan Lengkap Tahun Naga Emas (Complete Prophecy of the Year of the Golden Dragon):

The Year of the Golden Dragon starts on Feb. 5 and ends on Jan. 23, 2001.

Here is the order of zodiacs based on their degree of luck: (1) Tiger, (2) Hare, (3) Sheep, (4) Monkey, (5) Rooster, (6) Rat, (7) Rabbit, (8) Dragon, (9) Snake, (10) Ox, (11) Pig, (12) Dog.

Those belonging to zodiacs 9-12 are advised to perform rituals in sacred places, participate more in social activities or help the needy. These good deeds will help alleviate problems that may face them this year.

Tigers will do well in their career this year, which is the right time for them to marry. For the unmarried, February, March and April are the right months to start a relationship.

While the Dogs will get almost nothing this year. Chances are hard to come by. This year requires them to practice great patience.