Fri, 12 Aug 1994

Yes, censorship!

Mr. Wacker, writing from New York again (Aug. 9, 1994), is confused. And I'll tell you why. On the one hand he agrees that "differences in Asian and Western cultures are huge," but on the other hand he says that "the individual should be allowed to decide." There we have it. East meets West. The West being oriented towards the freedom of the individual, the East towards the good of the community. Let's not beat about the bush.

There is no place in Indonesian culture for the promotion of sexual promiscuity and lasciviousness. Just because certain trendy panelists in the West think that The Piano is a worthy film doesn't mean to say that it's going to go down well here. On the contrary, it's likely to cause unrest. I've already explained in a previous letter, on July 13, how this could be.



Note: We think that our readers have now gained enough valuable information on this subject to form their own opinion and would like to draw the debate to an end with these two concluding letters.

-- Editor