Wed, 18 Oct 2000

X-treme sports in Jakarta and Bandung

JAKARTA (JP): Cycling and skateboarding are two common activities. But both can be special with extraordinary style and acrobatics which make them X-treme sports.

To attract the attention of the youths to these sports, PT Philips Electronics Indonesia invited professional BMC riders Pat Miller and Joe Paecy and skateboarders Mike Peterson and Choppy Omega, all from the United States to demonstrate their talents in Indonesia.

They will show off their high skills on a quarter-circle ramp for about 30 minutes in two sessions everyday in the tree-day BMX and skateboard competition in Senayan eastern parking lot from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 and in Bandung's Saparua sport hall from Oct. 27 to Oct. 29.

Peterson told a press conference Tuesday that the most important thing in the sport was to have fun.

"It's important to have fun. I understand the sport is on the rise here and that's exactly why you need to enjoy the sport first," he said.

"Once you've enjoyed the sport, it's easier for you to develop your skills."

Meanwhile, biker Miller said it was not important to create new styles as each biker already had his own style.

"The way you drive is different from me or your friends, so it's not important," he said. "Besides, when you think that you have created your own style, it's possible that somebody else has used it before."

A local skateboarder, Indra Leonardo, said he got interested in the sport because of imitating his older brother.

"I was just following my older brother but then I got hooked on skateboarding," he said.

"My parents and school support my activity because I carry the school's name in competition," added Indra, a third year student at the Mekar junior school.

Indra receives Rp 500,000 to Rp 600,000 per month from his sponsor and various tournaments.

Meanwhile, Phillips' company president Chandra Putra said that staging the competition was one market strategy to attract the young generation to the company's products.

"Philips Rush-X is only part of our efforts to get closer with the youngsters. That's why we decided to hold the competitions which are popular among youngsters," he said.

"Philips hopes this event will help to create discipline and sportsmanship in order to create a high-quality future generation," he added.

The competition starts with practice sessions on Fridays, semifinals on Saturdays, and finals on Sundays. There will also be live music from local bands. The organizers have also provided prizes and quizzes for spectators.

The competition previously has been held in Singapore and Bangkok. After Indonesia, the next stop will be Manila. (nvn)