Tue, 01 Feb 2011

Zurich (ANTARA News) - Businessmen are still unfamiliar with Indonesian products, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said here Saturday (29/1) evening, before leaving Zurich International Airport for Jakarta.

"I met members of the international business community this morning, and most of them said they didn`t know much about Indonesian products, but knew more about Indian and Chinese goods. The perception, image and things about Indonesia are not understood enough by the international community," the President said in a press conference after attending the World Economic Forum in Davos from Thursday (27/1) to Friday (28/1).

Therefore, he added, his presence at the international economic forum was to explain the business world about Indonesia`s real condition.

He said he had explained the world class businessmen improvements that had been made, and problems which were being resolved by the country transparently. The problems were about business climate, law enforcement and combating corruption, he added.

"Let the world know that we need reparations. Some of them are real and some still to be solved," he said.

According to him, the direct explanation about Indonesia`s condition was aimed to make draw their interest in Indonesia, especially in the investment sector.

"The more they know about Indonesia, the more eager they want to have a partnership with us. Moreover, they came from the developed countries from which more benefits can be achieved. Many of them who had already made an investment told me to add more saving business, and those who were not yet serious to come to Indonesia for making deals. I responded well if they benefits us," the President said.

The businessmen, he added, knew that Indonesia`s economic growth was the third best in Asia after China and India, and it has been increasing.

He also said his presence at the WEF was also as ASEAN chairman with a responsibility to explain the world that Indonesia and Southeast Asia has contributed to Asia`s economic growth.

"As the ASEAN chairman, I have a moral responsibility to tell the world that Indonesia and ASEAN are developing are good business partners," he said.

At the WEF, President Yudhoyono also invited world businessmen to attend the East Asia WEF in Indonesia in July this year.

The East Asia WEF would bring more benefits for Indonesia in expanding international business as well as raising investments.(*)