Wed, 21 Jun 2000

Workers killed in dorm fire

JAKARTA (JP): A fire destroyed a dormitory housing employees of PT Kencana Aga Lestari on Jl. Raya Wajok, Siantan district, Pontianak regency, West Kalimantan, early on Tuesday morning, killing eight workers.

The bodies of the victims, identified as Samuel, 32, Paulus, 19, Doni, 18, Hendri, 19, Lo Jun Phin, 19, Ali, 20, Akiang, 17, and Tono, 19, were later found charred inside the dormitory.

They are believed to have died in their sleep.

The cause of the fire remains unclear.

"Although there is a river near the scene, the fire could not be easily extinguished. There was also another fire on Jl. Tanjungpura which kept firemen busy," West Kalimantan Police Spokesman Maj. Suhadi was quoted by Antara as saying.

Suhadi said at least 70 houses on Jl. Tanjungpura, were destroyed by a fire which occurred nearly at the same time.

He said the fire, which occurred at about midnight, was extinguished in two hours and caused no fatalities.

"We are still investigating the causes of the two fires," Suhadi said. (jun)