Tue, 14 May 2002

Workers demand dismissal of manager

TANGERANG: Around 400 workers of PT Mawar Nirwana, a plastic flowers manufacturer in Tangerang, went on strike on Monday, demanding the management dismiss the company's production manager.

"We demand the management dismiss production manager Johan, because he has been acting like a dictator. Johan's policies always disadvantage the workers," said Alamsyah, one of the workers.

Another worker, Fadjri, said Johan often transferred workers from one section to another without consideration and canceled bonuses for those who failed to reach the production target.

"We realize the company is in financial difficulties and we can accept whatever policy has been imposed on the workers. But the manager always decides things as he likes without discussing it with the workers' union," Fajdri said.

The workers gathered at the factory, sat and chatted with each other. The company office closed down and production was brought to a complete halt. None of the management staff could be reached for comment.

The workers said they would continue striking until the company dismisses Johan. -- JP