Mon, 22 Dec 2003

Workers angry with Korean manager

TANGERANG: About 600 workers from the PT Bumi Indah Garmindo garment factory staged a protest rally at the Tangerang municipal council building on Friday, demanding the authorities to intervene in a beating case allegedly perpetrated by their South Korean manager.

Murni, one of the protesting workers, accused the manager, Kim In-han, of physically assaulting Supri, 29, a worker at the factory on Tuesday, after Supri made a mistake.

"Because of the beating, Supri now has bruises on his head and face. The rest of us workers do not accept violence," she said.

The workers held a peaceful sit-in rally in front of the factory after the incident.

"We spent the night here and will continue to stay until we get response from the councillors," Murni said.

According to other workers, Kim often would hit them for slight mistakes. They had reported him to the police before the rally.

Police had come to the factory to question Kim and are now holding him for his own security. -- JP