Fri, 03 Mar 2000

Women's lib, at last?

I read with glee, as did my Indonesian wife, the article on page 2 of The Jakarta Post's Wednesday edition entitled "R.I. signs UN protocol on women's rights," specifically the section which stated "to protect the sociocultural rights of women."

Are we then correct to assume that as of signing the protocol on Feb. 28, the sociocultural rights of Indonesian women married to foreign men will now be raised to a level that is equal to the sociocultural rights of Indonesian men married to foreign women?

There is no need to describe in intricate detail the debilitating obstacle course Indonesian women and their foreign husbands must negotiate in pursuit of wedded bliss. It has all been written before in these columns, many times.

A simple yes or no from the relevant ministries is all we ask. Does sociocultural equality include the freedom to choose a foreign husband without undue hindrance, and to embark upon establishing a racially integrated family unit?


Sanur, Bali