Fri, 11 Feb 2000

Woman dies in Pemalang flood

PEMALANG, Central Java: A 70-year-old woman was killed and about 650 houses were damaged when landslides and floods hit Pemalang regency.

In Pemalang Regent Munir, five districts -- Bantarbolang, Watukumpul, Belik, Bodeh and Comal -- were the worst hit.

Siti Khotijah, the sole victim of the natural disaster, was swept in by the strong current in Bantarbolang.

Landslides also hit Simpur and Badak villages in Belik regency.

"This kind of incident occurs almost every year in Gumelar and Wanaraja districts here," said Indonesian Red Cross spokesman Subiyantoro.

Hundreds of people are evacuated to higher ground but they usually come back after the catastrophe is over, he added. (45/har/edt)