Wed, 15 Mar 2000

Wilson to sponsor RI's junior golfers

JAKARTA (JP): International sports manufacturer Wilson plans to sponsor Indonesian junior golfers' training and competition in various tournaments, Paul Gibbons, Wilson's golf marketing director for Asia Pacific said on Tuesday.

Gibbons said the company was now considering supporting two junior golfers, with ages of between 15 and 16 years old. He said the company would provide the players with sports equipment from Wilson.

"If they play well in competitions, we will sign a contract with them," he said after launching a new golf club, ball and custom fitting system service at the Prestasi Golf Andalan driving range at the Sudirman Business Center on Jl. Sudirman on Tuesday.

The golf club, called "fat shaft iron", has a hyper-carbon shaft with a larger than normal diameter to enable a more accurate swing, he said. The company had cooperated with tire manufacturer Goodyear to produce the ball, called the "smart core", which was responsive to any strikes, he added.

The "fat shaft custom fitting system" is a service given to golfers to adjust their fat shaft iron clubs to their type of play. The service is provided at several Golf House outlets, including those in Plaza Senayan and Sogo Plaza Indonesia, both in Central Jakarta. (ivy)