Sat, 12 Aug 2000

Wild boars strike back

BANYUMAS, Central Java (JP): In an apparent show of solidarity for their killed brethren, about 200 boars descended Mount Slamet and attacked a hamlet, vandalizing houses and sending two villagers to hospital on Thursday, eyewitnesses said.

The incident on Thursday evening happened only a few hours after dozens of Gunung Wuled residents left to hunt down the wild boars which destroyed their crops.

The angry boars' unexpected strike caused panic as the wild beasts broke into houses and destroyed anything in their path, said Sarno, 45, a farmer who took part in the boar hunting in the morning.

"I think they took revenge on us for the dozens of boars we had killed," he said in the regency town of Purbalingga.

The two farmers injured in the beastly blitz were staring at the ceiling in a Purbalingga hospital until Saturday. More boars were killed in the retaliation attack on the hamlet. (45)