Mon, 10 Apr 2000

Wie Wie wins 2nd stage drag race

JAKARTA (JP): Local driver Wie Wie Rianto won the Pro Stock category in the second stage of the Gudang Garam national drag race at Sentul circuit, near Bogor, on Sunday.

Wie Wie, driving a Ford Capri, clocked 9.671 seconds. He failed to better his record in the first stage on March 19 where his time was 9.575.

Hery Agung (Nissan Fair Lady) was in second place with a time of 9.871 and Budi Tohir (Corvette Stingray) came in third with 10.248.

The one-day drag race on Sunday was followed by races in the sedan, minivan, jeep, Volkswagen (VW) and pick up categories.

Meanwhile, the Sentul circuit will be the venue for the Sprint and Wisata Rallies on May 21.

The circuit's director, Rio Sarwono, said on Sunday the two rallies were being held to commemorate National Awakening Day on May 20, while at the same time celebrating Tinton Suprapto's 55th birthday.

"The Sprint Rally will consist of two special stages with each stage of a distance of seven kilometers. The Wisata Rally will start and finish at the Sentul circuit. The drivers will visit historical sites in Bogor and Jakarta," Rio said. (lnt)