Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Who regulates billboards?

I am expatriate currently working and living in Jakarta and have enjoyed several assignments in the capital city since 1979 for periods in excess of two/three years at various times.

Over the last few months I have become concerned at an evolution of "environmental pollution" creeping into Jakarta in regards to the various advertising hoarding starting to be erected in the city.

Of particular disappointment is the very large advertising/ signage displays being erected in some of the key "focal" points of the city. A major example is one of the best-photographed sites in Indonesia, and one known historically worldwide -- that of the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle.

I particularly point out the huge hoarding on the Hotel Indonesia site (a neon monstrosity at night) and what looks like an even larger hoarding now erected in front of the Nusantara Building. I have no problems in advertising billboards being erected around town but these are enormous, spoil the ambience of both buildings, and destroy what was once a pleasant line of sight view of the Welcome Monument.

Who is regulating?