Sat, 27 Mar 1999

Who is ethnically cleansing whom?

Mr. Gwynne Dyer's latest warmongering article "Bomb the Serbs and betray the Kosovars", March 24, 1999, clearly shows that said gentleman knows nothing about war and the suffering it brings. It also shows how easy it is for a certain character type to sit comfortably and safely at home and send somebody else's children to fight, die and throw bombs on other people. I humbly ask Mr. Gwynne Dyer to either take a knife and a bomb and go to Kosovo personally and do his own killing, or else stop calling others to fulfill his bloody dreams. Rockets and bombs and bloodshed are not just stories he reads in his daily paper as he takes his morning cup of tea (or whatever else he takes in the morning).

He should also think about the nonsense he put on paper. Talking insistently about "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" of Kosovo's Albanians in one sentence and casually noting that the same ethnic group makes up 90 percent of the population in another sentence, shows that something is wrong with Mr. Gwynne Dyer's viewpoint. This gentleman knows very well or at least should know, that Albanians made up only 40 percent of the population 50 years ago. He should tell us what happened to non- Albanians in this region for the last 50 years of effective Albanian rule in the province under Tito's communists, and how come the Albanians are so effectively "cleansed out" that they now live in a virtually "clean" Albanian ethnic environment with no Serb or other population in vast areas of this province. Except in geography -- all the names of all the mountains, rivers, villages, cities... that we read about are (still) Serb.

Mr. Gwynne Dyer, please think for a second and then tell me: Who is ethnically cleansing whom in the Balkans? Remember, please, that a pen also kills.