Thu, 09 Nov 2000

What's on at JiFFest this Friday

Angela's Ashes (Jakarta Theater, 10 p.m.)

In 1935, when it was more common for Irish families to leave their famine-stricken country for America, the impoverished McCourt family does the reverse (144 minutes).

Being John Malkovich (Jakarta Theater, 7:45 p.m.)

Craig is a puppeteer who takes a job as an office clerk. He is married to Lotte, played by Cameron Diaz who is transformed into a grey mouse, but their marriage has become a grind (112 minutes).

Daun di Atas Bantal (TIM 2, 7:45 p.m.)

The Garin Nugroho film about the arduous life of three homeless boys who try to survive on the hectic streets of Yogyakarta (83 minutes).

Hijrah El Rasul (TIM 1, 7:05 p.m.)

This film tells the story of the Prophet's migration from Mecca to Medina and the sufferings of a group of the first converts.

Journey to the Sun (Usmar Ismail Film Center, 7:15 p.m.)

This tale of friendship and courage tracks a politically naive man's initiation into the social realities of contemporary Turkey.

Kids Return (Usmar Ismail Film Center, 5 p.m.)

This is a story of two juvenile delinquents, Shinji and Masaru. One becomes a boxer, the other an apprentice gangster (107 minutes).

Kikujiro (TIM 1, 9:15 p.m.)

The film tells the story of nine-year-old Masao who just started his summer holidays (116 minutes).

La Vie est un Long Fleuve Tranquille (TIM 2, 5:35 p.m.)

An aging doctor and his nurse have been having an extramarital relationship for the past 12 years. Tired of waiting for the doctor to end his marriage, and bitter with resentment, the nurse changes two babies' places at birth (89 minutes).

Suddenly One Day (TIM 2, 9:45 p.m.)

Synopsis unavailable.

The Filth and the Fury (Jakarta Theater, 5:30 p.m.)

The story is an irreverent, intimate and shocking portrait of The Sex Pistols, arguably the most influential and certainly the most infamous rock group of all time (105 minutes).

The Wind Will Carry Us (Usmar Ismail Film Center, 9:30 p.m.)

The winner of numerous prestigious prizes, this latest film by Iranian master Kiarostami revolves around the lives of four strangers who arrive from Teheran for a short stay at Siah Dareh, a village in Iranian Kurdistan (115 minutes).