Wed, 19 Apr 2000

What makes a good teacher?

The role of a teacher in teaching students is apparently a very positive contribution to improving the quality of human resources. In general, what we really need from a teacher is that the outcome of their efforts can fulfill the needs of nation building. The success of a teacher in their mission is visible when those students that they once taught become useful citizens in raising the standard of living of society.

There is a parable which says that if a blind man leads another person, both will stumble and fall. To avoid such a tragedy in education, the authorities appointed by the government must hire those suitable to teach. A teacher should meet the essential requirements of the profession before they can be expected to teach students. Our current situation indicates that a teacher should first be competent for their work. By their competence, we are convinced that they are able not only to teach, but also to help students develop their skills, knowledge and intelligence.

The process of effective teaching takes a long time so teachers are supposed to dedicate themselves to their. Their dedication shows they are consistent with their profession.

A good teacher should be a disciplinarian. They must initiate orderly conditions that should be followed by their students in order to support the process of teaching and learning. Good discipline will benefit the students because it enables them to change their bad behavior. Virtuous discipline will also improve the morals of students, which is advantageous for social values.

The other significant criteria a good teacher should possess is the commitment to achieve progress in students' learning. Teachers should care when students have difficulties and be ready to lend a hand. They should pay attention to students' complaints and show them that they are there to resolve the situation. Teachers should have the vision that the progress achieved by their students will benefit the country. They should feel guilty if they do not do their best to accomplish their work.

Finally, a good teacher should be a professional. The challenge of this era shows us clearly the competition in all fields of science. Only those who are well educated can take part in the advancements of science and technology. A professional teacher always improves his capability of absorbing current demands in society, in turn adjusting his teaching methods to meet those demands. In this way, he prepares students for when they leave school.

Good teachers as described above are indispensable to an ideal education. They can preserve their good reputations and dedication until they retire, as long as they are supported by the proper facilities for progressive teaching. Besides those facilities, being well paid is also very conducive to making a good teacher. With a good salaries, teachers are inclined to concentrate all their energy, time and attention on their work without complaining about their daily basic needs, which may burden their mind and hinder their noble mission. There must be mutual honor to keep this balance. Teachers have submitted themselves to teaching, so it is reasonable that they earn enough money to support their families.