Tue, 25 Jan 2000

What and whose truth?

I think Mr. Richardson's article The U.S.: A party to mass murder?, published in The Jakarta Post on Jan. 13, and Jan. 14, 2000) is at least 15 years overdue. I have here an article by Ken Dale Scott titled The United States and the overthrow of Sukarno, 1965 - 1967, which I took from the Internet some time ago, and which discusses in detail the 1965 holocaust. The article, so it says, appeared in Pacific Affairs, 58, Summer 1985, pages 239-264 (See http://www.pir.org/scott.html).

Many of the details that Mr. Richardson put down in his article about the 1965 "coup" has already been taken up by Scott so that it seems that Mr. Richardson's article is just a rewording and rearranging of Scott's. Did Mr. Richardson arrive at the results by himself, or is there perhaps some kind connection between the Kreshna International Education Foundation and Ken Dale Scott?

In addition, soon after Soeharto's descent in May 1998, some local newspapers took up the matter of Soeharto's involvement in the abortive coup. If you ask the average, educated Indonesian of today, you will find that this matter is already common knowledge.

Incidentally, the article as I understand it is meant to establish the truth (Mr. Richardson's letter in the Post, Jan. 20, 2000). May I ask what truth? Or, whose truth? The fact is that for 32 years we have been had (by the way, I am an Indonesian citizen), and I think we can't very well expect any article on the 1965 massacre to be the truth.