Wed, 24 Aug 1994

What about Kanindo workers?

SEMARANG: Central Java legislators have expressed concern about the fate of some 11,000 employees of PT Kanindoteks, the giant weaving company which is reported to be in dire financial difficulty.

"If the report is correct, then the first thing we have to do is to save the 11,000 workers," Tambah Soedjio, a member of the province's legislative assembly, told The Jakarta Post.

Soedjio, who is also the chairman of the province's chapter of the All Indonesian Workers Union, said he plans to summon the management and union representatives of Kanindoteks to find out about the actual condition of the company.

News about the financial problem surfaced last week amid suggestions that the company, owned by Robby Tjahjadi, was being bailed out by two companies, Texmaco and GKBI (Association of Batik Cooperatives), because it could not repay its debts. (har/emb)