Mon, 07 Jun 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Small and traditional vendors in West Java have challenged huge chain retailers in Bandung by pressing the regional government to regulate the operation of modern retailers to protect small businesses.

In a hearing with West Java Provincial House of Representatives today (7/6) chairman of West Java Traditional Traders Association Usep Iskandar Wijaya said the regional authority have to limit operating hours of chain retailers which now open 24 hours.

Usep said for every one new mini supermarket there will be 25 street peddlers forced out of the business, β€œWe just want the government to favour the lower class.”

Before the extensive presence of mini market and supermarket traditional and small scale vendors in Bandung enjoyed peak hours between 6 – 10 am, now most of the customers have turned to minimarket.

β€œIt is necessary to have a regional regulation which limit the operating time and zones. Right now we have many modern retailers open their chains face to face with traditional market.”

Commission A at the regional house overseeing law said at the hearing that is has requested the central government to control the presence of chain retailers in the region.