Mon, 23 Oct 2000

Welcoming PLN's new policy

From Pos Kota

We gladly welcome the policy of state-owned electricity company PLN to introduce a new method of paying electricity bills (Pos Kota, Oct. 16, 2000). To be honest, we have been waiting for this new method for a long time because the old method has always been exasperating. Apart from the long line in front of the counter, there are often disputes between residents and officers in charge about the change.

Besides, the officers often shout out customers' names. And also because things are done in a hurry, it is often the case that there is a difference between what is on the bill and what is actually paid.

We hope that PLN, just like Telkom and PDAM, can let customers have a bill collection letter before payment is made in the bank. May PLN provide satisfactory services to its customers.


RW 03, Sunter Agung, Jakarta