Mon, 13 Jun 1994

Watch the spelling

Since I started coming to Indonesia, which is about 13 years ago, I've been a regular subscriber and reader of The Jakarta Post. I found the contents--domestic as well as international, very informative.

The English language is not my mother tounge, although the school I attended (from grade school to college) uses English as the medium of instruction. I know this does not make me an authority in English (both oral and written) but I can somehow manage my spelling.

In the June 3 issue of The Jakarta Post (page 7), written in big, bold letters is the word "concibune." I can understand typographical errors, but not for a heading! This is not the first time that I noticed such wrong spelling in The Jakarta Post.

I do like and enjoy reading The Jakarta Post, but please tell the person(s) in charge to be more careful.