Mon, 04 Sep 2000

Warehouse project 'risky for flights'

TANGERANG (JP): Tangerang Regent Thamrin said here on Sunday that the construction of a 100-hectare warehouse in the Selapajangjaya subdistrict could affect the safety of flights arriving and departing from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

The regent accused property developer PT Rencar Sempurna (RS), which conducted the project, of having violated the procedures issued by the airport management for maintaining the safety of flights.

"The Tangerang Regency has not received the go-ahead sign from airport management firm PT Angkasa Pura II on this matter, since it feels the construction of the warehouse could risk the safety of flights," Thamrin said in Tangerang, as quoted by Antara.

PT RS plans to build a two-story warehouse, which will include housing and offices. A portion of the warehouse is reportedly to be built on a small portion of the runway.

Thamrin added that the regency had yet to grant a warehouse permit to PT RS since the construction of the warehouse in the concerning area was in violation of the Tangerang city spatial plans.

"The regency has advised PT RS to contact the Tangerang City Council Speaker and discuss the matter with him. We need to really consider this seriously and input from the airport management firm is crucial here," Thamrin said.

PT RS had earlier developed the Bandara Mas housing complex by using up to seven of the 35 hectares of irrigation fields, that had been appropriated since 1995.

Thamrin added that by building the warehouse, the developer wanted to take advantage of the Sedyatmo toll road which has access to the Tanjung Priok Port, and also Jl. Surya Dharma, for a road to the airport.


Separately, Tangerang councillor Teddy Subrata said that the matter needed considerable study since it involved spatial planning problems and the runway.

"We cannot be influenced to allow the issuance of the warehouse building permit, since all aspects need to be studied," Teddy said. (ylt)