Sun, 25 May 2003

War, what is it good for?

War, what is it good for?/War has caused unrest/Among the younger generation/Induction then destruction

It has been one week since military law was imposed on May 19 in Aceh, and Acehnese have been facing terror and the ugliness of human nature ever since. Murder and destruction are the orders of the day. As of Friday, thousands of students could no longer go to school, as 328 school buildings had been burned to the ground. War, I despise/'Cause it means destruction of innocent lives/War means tears to thousands of mothers

Military and government officials said on Friday that 58 separatist rebels had been killed and 23,000 civilians had fled their homes in the biggest offensive in the country since the 1975 invasion of East Timor by Indonesian forces. War has shattered many young men's dreams/We've got no place for it today

A rebel statement, however, said 12 separatist fighters had been killed, along with 43 soldiers and police, and that 53 civilians had been killed. The figures, however, could not be independently verified. Does it matter? Even one casualty is one too many. War -- what is it good for?/Absolutely nothing.

(From War by Frankie Goes to Hollywood)