Mon, 29 Aug 1994

W. Jakarta wants warehouses moved

West Jakarta Mayor Sutardjianto is warning owners of warehouses in the Tambora and Tamansari areas to move out as the deadline for relocation nears.

Sutardjianto says he will forcibly close down dozens of warehouses on Jl. Kalibesar Barat, Jl. Kalibesar Timur, Jl. Cengkeh, Jl. Kunir, as well as warehouses around the Kota railway station, such as those on Jl. Pinangsia and in the Roa Malaka area, if they fail to meet the extended deadline of early next year set by the mayoralty administration.

"We will not extend the deadline again as we have given the owners ample time to move," he said.

He said the municipal administration had informed the owners of the warehouses about the relocation plan nine years ago.

The areas where the warehouses are located now are no longer considered suitable for the storage business. (09)