Mon, 26 Jul 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Boediono said THE national automotive industry was not yet competitive compared to those in other countries.

"We have been developing an automotive industry in the country for a long time but until now it remains unable to compete with similar industries abroad," he said when opening an International Indonesia Motor Show here on Friday.

He said national automotive industrialists had not become strong players in the field despite their long existence.

Boediono said the government was determined to achieve good economic growth by setting a growth target of seven to eight percent a year. He said "if internal and external conditions remain conducive it is not impossible we will achieve this target."

The vice president said, before the multi-dimensional crisis in 1988, Indonesia was able to achieve a seven to 7.5 percent growth for 32 years.

"It is rare for a country to be able to achieve growth as high as that for a long period. So Indonesia will certainly be able to achieve that target," he said.

He said the government admitted that there were still obstacles hindering the progress of the auto industry such as the absence of an adequate national logistics and infrastructure systems that make it difficult for investors to form to open networks in Indonesia which they needed when they wished to relocate their plants.

"Making the national auto industry more competitive will be our homework. The government is obliged to create a conducive business climate and adequate national logistics and infrastructure systems, renewable energy supply and others. When these conditions have been met, there will no longer be reason for the national auto industry not to develop," he said.

Indonesia, he said, must promote its national auto industry at all levels from designing to end-products.

The vice president hoped through the annual exhibition, the national auto industry would gain the spirit to become stronger and able to support the national economy.