Thu, 25 Sep 2003

Voting registration paper tender opens

JAKARTA: A total of 24 firms are taking part in the pre- qualification process for the 2004 election voting registration paper tender, 19 of which are Jakarta-based.

The rest are from West Java, Central Java, East Java and North Sumatra.

Tender participants include state-owned firm Percetakan Negara, PT Sumber Cakung, Inkoppol, PT Panca Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa, Peruri, PT Aneka Industri & Jasa of North Sumatra, and PT Pertja.

General Elections Commission (KPU) member Hamid Awaluddin asked the public to file a report to KPU if they had negative information about any of the firms participating in the tender.

"It is our promise to hold a transparent tender, so please support us in running it properly. We are now carrying out checks of the firms' capacity, factory conditions, labor force and other factors," he said.

He said KPU would announce the outcome of its checks soon. --JP