Mon, 16 Jun 2003

Violence against women increases

PADANG, South Sumatra: Violence against women in West Sumatra has increased by almost 50 percent in the last six months.

Last year, 47 cases were reported to the West Sumatra Police. This year, from January to June, the number of cases was already 33.

First Insp. Erlin Nurlaena, from the Special Care Unit (RPK) of West Sumatra Police, said that the increase was caused mostly by financial problems, as many husbands had lost their jobs during the economic crisis.

She therefore urged the provincial administration to allocate funds to Jati police hospital in Padang to provide treatment for women who had become victims of violence.

The hospital needed the funds because it could only afford to pay for its regular running costs and medical workers.

Touching on the legal issue and counseling for women victims of violence, Erlin said that so far the RPK had been cooperating with several non-government organizations concerned about women's issues, like LBH APIK and Nurani Perempuan. --Antara