Mon, 17 Apr 2000

Villager killed in mass brawl

PATI, Central Java: A villager was killed and six others injured in a brawl between youths of Pecangaan and Gajah Kumpul village in the Batangan district here on Saturday during an exuberant party.

Pati spokesman Bambang Pitoyo said the brawl erupted when a youth from Pecangaan was punched by a youth from Gajah Kumpul village during the party.

"The party then become a brawl. Although the fight was later broken up and the situation calmed, youths from Pecangaan villagers later attack their rival villagers again," Pitoyo said.

He said dozens of Pecangaan residents armed with swords and machetes attacked Gajah Kumpul village, resulting in the ensuing casualties.

The victim, identified as Tugito, 30, and the six injured, were all Pecangaan residents. (har/jun)