Mon, 09 Oct 2000

Village heads quit session

INDRAMAYU, West Java: A walk-out by village heads was the highlight of a plenary session of the local legislative council held in connection with the regency's 473rd anniversary on Saturday.

The 310 village heads rose from their seats almost simultaneously and abandoned the city hall, the venue of the event, just as the council's speaker Iwan Hermawan was about to open the special session.

Minutes earlier, the village leaders booed Iwan, deputy regent Suing Sasmita and other top officials as they entered the hall, Antara reported.

Iwan, along with other attendants of the session, stared in disbelief as the village leaders exited the hall.

One of the village heads, Trisula Rapdi, said the move was triggered by the councilors' failure to accept the accountability speech of Regent Ope Mustofa recently.

"The council's refusal means our service as the avant-guard of the development program deserves nothing," Trisula said.

Suing, representing Iwan who is now on a long service leave, regretted the move. (amd)