Thu, 11 Aug 1994

Vicious life

From Merdeka

Who says the Indonesian community is polite, religious and has deep faith in God Almighty? Yes, many people do have a solid faith in their religious teachings, however, more people in the community have dirty minds. Gambling, prostitution, drinking, pornography and corruption are easy to find in a large city like Jakarta. These indecent practices have gone to the point of no return. So the authorities have begun to take harsh measures against those involved; the operation is particularly carried out in the metropolitan area. News reports state that many of the vices have been wiped out.

As a matter of fact, vice is a social disease as old as human civilization. People know that the dirty life existed during the lives of the prophets. Who exactly has the right and might to wipe out the evils? Basically, everybody is responsible for combating them. But, those who have power are the most capable of eliminating such vices.

Take the case of strong drink. Forbidding people from selling alcohol is not enough. As long as it is produced it will be available on the market. Therefore, why don't we just close the factories that produce it even if the state income declines as a result.

The same is true with obscene films. Harsh measures are necessary to wipe them out. Mere appeals to film producers to produce quality films have proved unsuccessful. Sanctions must be imposed. In this case the Department of Information should do something to stop production of films that promote sex and exploit woman's bodies. The best way to combat these vices is through power. The government has been successful in dealing with politics and the economy, why should it be powerless in the social and cultural area?