Mon, 10 Jan 2000

Verdict not executed

I am an investor who is engaged in a civil case, registration number 535/PK/PDT/1996.

According to the computer service data 121 of the Supreme Court, the verdict of the civil case was pronounced on May 19, 1997 with the brief decision as under "Rejected P".

But up to now (as of Jan. 6, 2000 or two years, seven months after the verdict, the official verdict has neither yet been issued nor sent to the district court. I have many times contacted the Supreme Court, the secretary-general/secretary of the Supreme Court, the civil case director and the assistant coordinator of new Team F in order to get the official verdict, but I have failed to receive a satisfactory answer.

According to them the original document of the verdict has not yet been signed by Mr. PRS SH, the former supreme justice/chief of the old Team F (retired) and Mr. KKS SH former assistant coordinator of above mentioned team. Whenever we ask them for the verdict, their answers are always vague. Twice I sent letters to the chairman of the Supreme Court over the above mentioned problem, but so far no reply has been received.

Since the verdict has not been sent to the district court officially, I had no choice but to apply for an execution (auction) based on the verdict of cessation and the auction was scheduled for Aug. 5, 1999, but totally failed due to the intervention by phone call of a high-ranking person of the Supreme Court to the secretary of the district court.

Later I tried again to apply to the district court to conduct the execution/auction scheduled for Oct. 28, 1999 but also failed at the last minute. According to a staffer of the district court, someone showed the secretary of the district court a printout of the computer service 121 of the Supreme Court with the brief verdict saying "Approved". It means that computer service 121 of the Supreme Court this time issued a controversial brief verdict incorrectly. So I asked the new assistant coordinator of Team F to check properly the original file (ROL) and found that the verdict still said "Rejected".

I am very surprised and disappointed that the Supreme Court not only did not work accurately but also did not take any proper action with the retired supreme justice who hindered the execution of the verdict which actually was already decided on May 19, 1997 as "Rejected".

I kindly appeal to the Supreme Court to send the team to meet the retired supreme justice to get his signature for the pending matter, and to allow me to once again to apply to the district court to resume an execution/auction without any hindrance.