Thu, 04 Dec 2003

Vendors disrupt traffic

BEKASI: Hundreds of illegal stalls in front of Pasar Baru market have been operating on part of Jl. Juanda, worsening traffic congestion, it was observed on Wednesday.

Nurul Yakin Setiabudi, deputy chief of Bekasi City Council's commission B, overseeing the city's economy, said councillors had received many complaints over the presence of the vendors, who mostly sell fruits and vegetables.

"They open their stalls from midnight until the morning, when traffic peaks," he said, adding that the vendors also littered the area with spoiled goods.

Nurul called on the city administration to take stern action against the vendors for violating the City Bylaw No.44/1998 on sanitation, order and security.

Meanwhile, head of Bekasi Public Order Office, Hudoyo, said his officers would soon evict the vendors.

Yayuk, 45, a fish vendor, said the location was strategic, making it easier to attract buyers.

Another vendor, who asked to remain anonymous, admitted that occupying the road was a breach of regulations. But, he said, all vendors pay "garbage and security fees" to an unidentified person wearing a civil servant's uniform. -- Antara